The Wife is the Artist's spouse, the Baby's mother and the primary antagonist in the game.


She appears several times before she is actually encountered, though she never seems to inflict any harm to the Artist, only returning him to the Circle.

According to newspaper clippings and other items, the Wife was in a department store buying items for their new baby when the store caught fire. Though many others were killed, the Wife survived, though horribly disfigured (which may explain her appearance).

History Edit

Not much is known about the Wife aside being the spouse of The Artist and the mother to their child. She was  

exceptionally well in playing the Violin and Piano, which sometimes helped the Artist paint. At some point, she was in a department store buying items for their child when it caught fire and burned her severely, causing her to become disfigured. The accident further increased tension in the family, and eventually -as is found in a letter- many more arguments were heard in the house. The Wife, with her burned and disfigured appearance, and torn down from his abusive behavior as a result of his alcoholism felt that the Artist thought her a monster and hated her. Due to these feelings, she ended up treating the Artist in the same manner (shown in a note that she wrote herself). 

Fate Edit

The Wife met her end when she committed suicide in the bathroom. This is clearly shown when the Artist enters into The Bathroom and examines the bloody knife, triggering an echo of the past in which one can hear the Artist attempting to get into the bathroom (believing his wife is taking way too much time), and then entering to see his wife's body.

Trivia Edit

  • DepartmentStoreFire

    Newsclipping showing the news for the Department Store fire.

    Through past dialogue, it is known that the wife played the violin and piano.
  • The Wife before the accident was verbally and psychologically abused by her husband, The Artist.

Photos Edit

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