Discovered very early in the game, this unfinished work haunts the Artist.

This also acts as the primary save feature when you interact with it.

Significance Edit

The mere sight of the work inspires fear, disgust, sadness, which causes the player to fall further into madness. Haunted by his wife's disfigurement and death, he seeks to create his masterpiece in order to bring back what life took from him. Using the body parts of his beloved wife, the artist seeks to create his greatest work. The content of the work, and the fate of the artist, are determined by the players actions in Layers of Fear.

Scrawling on the wall of The Studio voice unspoken criticism and warnings.

"You must finish it"

"Get it right this time"

Iterations Edit

Empty Canvas (Iteration 1) Edit


The Empty Canvas comprises of a muddled green backdrop with grunge edges and a single red paint splatter. This is the starting canvas every player encounters, regardless of actions completed prior to this.

Blood Flamingoes (Iteration 2) Edit


Very similar in appearance to its parent although, much much darker. The Blood Flamingoes look just as one would surmise.

Gaping Flesh (Iteration 3) Edit


An unsettling picture to say the least. Its appearance resembles the entrance to a cave, dripping with bloody liquid, presumably blood. At the left, there is a resemblance with a wolf, raising its paw : its ribs are the entrance of the cave. (It may refer to the tale of the red riding hood that can be seen at the beginning of the game.)

Taking Form (Iteration 4) Edit

The shape begins approach that of a human bust. The white of the face and neck resembles that of a fish turned on its tail.

The Face Emerges (Iteration 5) Edit

This is the last known painting. A human bust is now recognizable, though large swaths of skin and flesh are missing. This may be a reflection of the Wife or perhaps the Artist himself.


The Final Form (Iteration 6) Edit

In the final form, there are three different pictures, The Neutral Ending is a picture of the Wife, that ends up destroying itself apart, The Selfish Ending is a self-portrait of the Artist, which ends in a shot of a gallery of the Artist's work, and The Selfless ending is a picture of the Wife and the Child, but ends as the artist burns all his paintings and dies by self-immolation.

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