The Baby is the child of the Artist and The Wife. The baby itself also has an unknown identity. The protagonist can find drawings and markings on the wall with crayon made by the child throughout the game. The child was eventually taken away as the wife was in critical condition from the fire and the artist suffering from alcoholism and declining mentality. It is eventually found out in a newsclipping that The Artist attempted to take back his child, but failing in the process. It is unknown what happened to the child after that.

Endings in InheritanceEdit

  • Forgiveness: The protagonist can choose to forgive her father. In the future the protagonist, now a parent questions "Why Pink" when a drawing is shown from her child to her with pills and unknown paperwork in the background by the tv symbolizing though she has moved on from her traumatic childhood and forgave her father it will play a role with how she raises her own child.
  • Unforgiving: The main protagonist can choose to not forgive her father.
  • Discover Your True "Inheritance": The main protagonist can choose to see through her father's eyes stating "I was told insanity runs in my family, let it run" standing in front of a canvas now presumed to be in the future similar to her father's while the shadow of a cradle gently rocks in the background.


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