The Artist's Wife, by the time of the events of Layers of Fear, is the antagonist of the story. She is essential to the Artist's rise in career, his declining mental state, and is the primary motivation for pursing the magnum opus.

Biography Edit

When the artist met her, she was a talented musician, who could play the violin, the piano, and sing. He fell in love with her due to her beauty as well as her musical abilities. At first, critics believed that she was too unskilled to perform, but eventually she proved her critics wrong due to her fantastic performances in the theater. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter.

During an exhibition of her husband's paintings, a fire started that killed and injured dozens. Unfortunately, the artist's wife was one of the victims. She received severe burns to her body that she never fully recovered from. Her husband was horrified with her appearance at the hospital, claiming that she "looked like a corpse." Through plastic surgery her face and body were repaired, though she still had scarring on her left side of her face.

During her recuperation, the artist becomes resentful towards his wife whom he sees as a burden and a monstrosity. Having lost the ability to sing or play instruments, she mainly weeps sorrowfully in her bedroom or roams the hallways in her wheelchair. After an unknown number of years, she decides to end her own life.

The artist hallucinates her presence throughout the game, seeing her as a twitching, sobbing monster. He becomes determined to bring her back through his magnum opus, and uses her corpse for materials in his masterpiece.

Personality Edit

Before her accident she was joyful and confident in her abilities as a musician, especially with the loving support of her husband. After her accident, she becomes bitter towards her husband's treatment of her. She notices that both her husband and child are avoiding her, and begins to believe that they would both be better off with her dead. According to her husband's notes, she becomes increasingly hostile and leaves hurtful and threatening messages to him. This, however, is at least in part likely to be imagined due to his schizophrenia.