The Artist, while wandering the house, collects heavy-handed scrap drawings with rats in various predicaments.  Typically there are phrases like "diseased" "vile" "filthy" scrawled onto them.

14 have been found so far.

List of reported scrawlingsEdit

  • Body Borrowers
  • Dust Mice
  • Prothesis Snatchers
  • Screeching Arsonists (The Library, Iteration 1)
  • Lice Mice (The Bedroom, Iteration 3)
  • Minced Mice
  • Floor Creepers
  • Dangling Dread (The Basement, Iteration 3)
  • Flapping Horror (The Dining Room)
  • Rodent Seeds
  • Canvas Crawlers
  • Silent Floaters (The Bathroom)
  • Haunting Mimics
  • Fluffy Fakers (The Nursery after vision)
  • Plague Breeder
  • Vermin Groth

Images Edit

Fluffy Fakers
Vermin Groth..
Plague Breeder... Heh. This one was hidden well.

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